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Assessor's Checklist: F-111 worker submits compensation claim for ss7(2) SRCA condition

Action required

Responsible area

Step 1

Establish if claim is:

  • A new claim that has been lodged following a Tier decision,
  • A previously rejected claim that needs to be reviewed because of a reviewed Tier decision, or
  • A claim where a Tier decision has not been made but there is apparent F-111 involvement.

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 2


  • What Act has the claim(s) been lodged under?
  • Have claims been previously lodged for the same condition?
  • Is the claim for a ss7(2) condition(s)?

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 3

  1. Register claim(s) on Defcare and/or CCPS (as appropriate)
  2. Acknowledge claims and provide details to the client on the process
  3. Enter the details of the claim on the F-111 claims database

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 4

If no Tier decision has been made, are ss7(2) conditions involved?

  • If yes, refer to the F-111 Tier Classification Team to issue recommendation for Tier classification.
  • Refer to Tier Delegate for determination.

F-111 Tier Classification


Step 5

Obtain diagnoses for the claimed conditions.  Also obtain an appropriate specialist opinion on causation for SRCA claims that do not involve ss7(2) conditions.

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 6

Determine claim:

  1. If Tier 1, 2 or 3 and claim for ss7(2) condition lodged under SRCA – under ss7(2) SRCA.
  2. If non-7(2) condition or claim lodged under VEA – under general provisions of SRCA or VEA.
  3. Record on the relevant formal IT system and also on the database.

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 7

Send appropriate decision letter including advice about relevant action to be taken under SHOAMP Health Care Scheme.

If the claim was lodged under VEA and is rejected and the person is Tier 1, 2 or 3 – include invitation to claim under ss7(2) SRCA (if this advice has not been given previously)

F-111 Compensation Team

Step 8

Complete a Needs Assessment for claimants with accepted conditions.

F-111 Compensation Team