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F-111 Health Care

SHOAMP Health Care Scheme (SHCS)


22. The SHCS is a health care program that provides treatment and counselling services for serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force and civilian personnel who were involved in F-111 deseal/reseal and fuel tank maintenance work (Group 1 participants).  Counselling services are also available to immediate family members of F-111 workers, as well as other personnel employed at RAAF Base Amberley at the time of the F-111 deseal/reseal programs (Group 2 participants).


23. The eligibility requirements for Group 1 and Group 2 participants are listed in Attachment E.


24. The SHCS covers interim treatment for Group 1 participants while their claim for compensation is being investigated and determined.  Treatment is also covered in situations where compensation has been rejected, unless it is determined that:

  • no medical condition was found during the claims investigations process;
  • the condition does not incapacitate the participant in any real way; or
  • the participant has withdrawn their compensation claim.


25. The conditions covered under the SHCS are similar to the conditions listed under ss7(2) of SRCA.  One additional condition, 'Alcohol and drug dependence', is also included.  The conditions covered under the SHCS are listed at Attachment F.  As part of its response to the Inquiry Report in May 2010, the Government accepted Recommendation 9 which was to remove the cut off date requiring applicants to apply for the SHCS prior to 20 September 2005.  The Government acceptance of this recommendation makes access to the scheme possible for persons lodging claims after the former cut-off date, while the claims are being investigated.  Any cases identified were a claim was lodged after the former cut-off date and the personnel were denied access to the scheme due to the cut-off date should be reviewed if not already reviewed, and costs met the the personnel while the claims was being determined, can be re-imbursed.


26. The procedures to be followed in registering and paying for SHCS treatment are provided in Attachment D.7.


Better Health Program (BHP)


27. The BHP is a voluntary program that provides workers who were involved in the F-111 deseal/reseal and fuel tank maintenance programs with access to screening procedures and disease prevention strategies with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle.


28. The BHP is available to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 participants as well as SHCS Group 1 participants.


29. The services provided through the BHP include:

  • Colorectal cancer screening.  Two screening options are available, based on General Practitioner (GP) advice:
  • faecal occult blood test; or
  • colonoscopy.
  • Melanoma screening either through an examination by GP, or through dermoscopy and/or total digital photography; and
  • Health information on conditions, including erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety.


30. BHP services provide screening, not treatment.  If a participant receives a positive diagnosis, as a result of the screening process, they should be encouraged to submit a compensation claim for that condition.


31. The procedures to be followed in registering and paying for BHP consultations are provided in Attachment D.8.