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8.4.7 Overseas Travel Vaccinations for Gold Card Holders

Last amended: 24 January 2011

From 1 August 2010 Gold Card holders travelling overseas are entitled to have costs associated with receiving overseas travel vaccinations, when the vaccinations are provided within Australia. While many vaccinations are not compulsory, vaccination is considered to be the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases, while travelling overseas.

Approved medical practitioners administering overseas travel vaccinations prescribe the clinically required vaccines on an Authority Prescription following contact with the Veterans' Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre (VAPAC) where prior approval can be obtained on the24 hour free call number 1800 552 580.

Claims for Medical Expenses Privately Incurred (MEPI) for overseas travel vaccinations are processed through VAPAC as per current arrangements for all pharmaceutical MEPI claims.

It is important for all Gold and White Card holders to be reminded that cards do not cover the cost of treatment for non-service related conditions that arise while travelling overseas and that they should advise DVA of intentions to travel overseas. However, card holders are able to claim for the reasonable treatment cost for service related conditions while travelling overseas. (See 8.7.7).