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5.6.1 Initial Permanent Impairment Compensation Payment

Where a person receives an initial PI compensation payment under section 68 of the MRCA, the amount payable is calculated as follows:

  • assess WPI which results from the person's accepted conditions using GARP M;
  • ascertain the lifestyle effects of all accepted conditions using Chapter 22 of GARP M;
  • use Chapter 23 of GARP M to find the appropriate compensation factor for the combined impairment points and lifestyle rating; and
  • multiply the compensation factor by the current maximum MRCA periodic payment to calculate the gross weekly MRCA payment.


Note that section 69 of the MRCA requires that initial payment of PI compensation under section 68 can only be made when the impairment suffered by the person constitutes at least 10 impairment points (except in cases where the impairment relates to a loss of hearing, the loss, or the loss of the use of a finger or toe, or the loss of the sense of taste or smell, in which case it is 5 impairment points).  The same also applies to compensation for “aggravations” under section 70 of the MRCA.