The delegate has already established that the total amount worked out at Step 6 exceeds the maximum weekly compensation amount payable under MRCA.

At Step 7, the delegate is working out the amount payable under MRCA by subtracting the MRCA PI excess from the amount worked out at Step 4.

MRCA PI excess equals:

  • the amount worked out in Step 6(b) plus,
  • DRCA converted lump sums to periodic payments plus,
  • Step 4 amount minus maximum MRCA PI rate.

Therefore, the final amount of PI payable under MRCA is:

  • The amount worked out at Step 4, minus
  • MRCA PI excess.

Please see Payment Rates in the Compensation and Support Reference Library for more information.

Please also see the Compensation Claims Procedures manual for more information about the procedural aspects of step 7.