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12.3.3 Claim Forms

The Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission has approved the following forms for the purposes of making a claim for the acceptance of liability under section 319 of the MRCA:

  • Form D2051 – Claim for Liability and/or Reassessment of Compensation;
  • Form D2020 – Claim for Rehabilitation and Compensation – DRCA; and
  • Form D2582 – Claim for Disability Compensation Payment and Medical Treatment (for all claims assessed after 8 March 2006).


Where a claim for the acceptance of liability for clinical onset has been lodged in accordance with section 323 of the MRCA on Form D2020 or Form D2582, and the delegate decides the MRCA applies to the claim, the delegate should contact the claimant and ask whether he or she wishes the claim to be determined under the MRCA.  If the claimant agrees to have the claim determined under the MRCA, the following release needs to be signed by the claimant:


“I (Name) of (Address), consent to the information collected pursuant to this form being used for the purposes of investigating my entitlement to benefits under the MRCA.


Signature                                                  Date”


If the claimant does not provide his or her permission for the claim to be determined under the MRCA, the claim should be determined under either the VEA or the DRCA.