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8.2 Actual Earnings – MRCA

Last amended 
25 June 2019

Actual Earnings (AE) are defined in sections 92, 101, 105 and 115 for serving members. For former members, AE is defined under Section 132 as the greater of the following amounts:

  1. the weekly amount (if any) that the person is able to earn in suitable work; or
  2. the amount (if any) that the person earns for the week (including from allowances other than expense allowances) from any work that is undertaken by the person during the week.

Section 181 outlines the matters to be considered in determining actual earnings.  AE does not include earnings from sources such as family trusts, rental properties etc. Only income resulting from the persons 'own labour' (i.e. work they are doing/able to do) is counted.