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From 1962-1964 - Borneo

In December 1962 there was a short-lived uprising in the Sultanate of Brunei that was put down in a few days by British and Gurkha troops. The uprising resulted from suggestions that Brunei join with the British territories of Sarawak and Sabah as part of the Federation of Malaysia. Although the Indonesian Government probably did not directly instigate the uprising, the Indonesian Foreign Minister on 20 January 1963 announced his country's 'confrontation' of Malayasia.

Schedule 2, Item 6 VEA 8 December 1962 – 16 August 1964

On 12 Apr 1963 a small party of Indonesians conducted a raid across the border into Sarawak, attacking a police post.  This was the first of many such raids across the border.  Following the creation of the Federation of Malaysia on 16 Sep 1963, which included Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. (Brunei never joined and Singapore seceded from Malaysia on 9 Aug 1965.) The Indonesian raids were stepped up after federation and operating from safe bases in Kalimantan held the initiative until mid 1964. The British and Malaysian forces seized the initiative with Claret cross-border raids. Australian engineers moved to Borneo in April 1964 and shortly afterwards Australian minesweepers began patrolling duties off the coast of Borneo.