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67/2000 Eligibility - Operational Service & Warlike Service in East Timor


Defence Service Homes
National Office Instruction

amending DSH General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 67
Date of Effect: On receipt

– Operational Service (s.6D of VEA)
– Warlike Service in East Timor


The purpose of this Instruction is to incorporate additional determinations under s.6D of the VEA into the General Orders, and to advise variations to eligibility for members of the Defence Force who render service in East Timor.


Operational service

A number of s.6D determinations made in 1998 have not previously been incorporated into Eligibility GO 5. These are now included to complete the reference material.

The opportunity is also taken to clarify the contents of GO 5.3.4.

Welfare organisations

A note has been included to reflect the unlikeliness of welfare organisations being approved to serve along side the Defence Forces in periods not associated with the two world wars. However, if an application is lodged by a person claiming to have served with an approved welfare organisation, the case should be considered on the merits of the evidence submitted.

Other Commonwealth forces

The sub-order has been repealed as it would be impractical for a determination to be made under s.6D of the VEA in relation to non-Australian forces.

Warlike service

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs has revised the existing determinations of warlike service covering operations in East Timor by determining end dates (Operations Faber, Stabilise, and Warden) and has issued a further determination of warlike service (Operation Tanager). Please note that not all service personnel in East Timor are covered by Operation Tanager. It will be necessary to establish that service was rendered with one of the four approved Operations.

General Orders

Attached are amended pages for the Eligibility General Orders. Please remove the whole of Chapters 5 and 8A and insert the new pages.

Effect on previously issued NOIs

This Instruction has no effect on any previously issued operative NOI.

Branch Head
Housing and Aged Care

20 October 2000