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66/2000 Eligibility - Warlike Service in East Timor


Defence Service Homes
National Office Instruction

amending DSH General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 66
Date of Effect: 16 September 1999



The purpose of this Instruction is to advise an extension of eligibility to members of the Defence Force who render service in East Timor as part of OPERATION FABER and OPERATION STABILISE.


The Minister for Defence has issued two more determinations of warlike service covering operations in East Timor. OPERATION FABER covers military observers and OPERATION STABILISE covers InterFET forces, mainly RAAF and RAN, who were not covered by OPERATION WARDEN. Please note that OPERATION FABER actually started at an earlier date but the earlier period has been determined as being non-warlike and, therefore, is irrelevant for DSH purposes.

Policy to be applied

Like the previous determination for OPERATION WARDEN, the start date for the additional determinations is 16 September 1999 and the end date is not defined at this stage. The signing of the two new determinations extends the policy introduced in NOI 65 but does not alter that policy.

General Orders

Attached are amended pages for the Eligibility General Orders. Please insert the new pages 48e to 48f.

Effect on previously issued NOIs

This Instruction has no effect on any previously issued operative NOI.

Branch Head
Housing and Aged Care

27 January 2000