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5.10 Action following completion of appeal


In most cases the AAT will reserve its decision and in due course issue a written decision with reasons which will be served upon all parties involved and will include:

  • the reasons for the decision;
  • the findings on material questions of fact; and
  • a reference to the evidence or other material upon which those findings are based.

The Tribunal may sometimes decide to give an oral decision at the conclusion of a hearing. Such a decision is followed by a written order which is served on all parties. The Legal Services Branch will receive the AAT's decision or order when it is made. If the AAT is setting aside the original decision, the Legal Services Branch  will  liaise with DSH on the question of a possible appeal to the Federal Court within the 28 day appeal period and before proceeding to implement the decision.  If no Court appeal is contemplated Legal Services Branch will advise DSH  to take action in accordance with the decision and liaise with Legal Services Branchif any further advice is required.

A list of addresses of AAT Registries is at GO 5.16.