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4.2 Purposes


To paraphrase the Act, the purpose of the Home Support Loan is related to the dwelling-house or right of residence that will assist the person to remain independently housed.

The usual purposes for which the Home Support Loan would be considered include

  • any additions, repairs or modifications to the property,
  • maintenance to the home,
  • any safety or security issues that need attention.

However, it is recognised that there may be many other purposes for which assistance will be sought.

It is important for delegates to note that the actual purpose of the Home Support Loan is to assist a person to remain independently housed.  The secondary qualification is that the purpose is related to the dwelling-hose.  The word "related" in its usual sense means associated, connected or allied by nature, origin, kinship etc.

A purpose can be related to a dwelling-house directly.  This means any purpose directly related to the house, outbuildings, appurtenances, fences, utility services etc.  However, a purpose may relate to a dwelling-house indirectly, due to its location or features as they impact on the ability of the person to remain housed there.  As mentioned, we cannot assist with alternative accommodation, but we can consider a Home Support Loan where the purpose meets the wording and beneficial intent of the legislation.

Delegates should therefore carefully consider the purpose of assistance as presented by applicants, and seek guidance from senior staff where a proposed purpose is novel, but deserves consideration given the circumstances of the applicant.  Where it is considered that the purpose for which a Home Support Loan is sought fails to have any direct or indirect link to the dwelling-house, delegates should ensure that the Statement of Reasons provides clear information to that effect.