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1 Introduction


Last amended: 25 September 2013

The Home Support Loan was announced as an Australian Government Budget initiative on 11 May 1999 and after the passage of enabling legislation and an expressions of interest process, came into effect on 1 October 2001.  As is the case for Defence Service Homes loans, the joint venture banking partner is the Westpac Banking Corporation .

This section contains general information about the purpose of the loans, eligibility under legislation and the policy to be applied.

The Home Support Loan is a subsidised home loan that is available to eligible persons and eligible veterans as defined, including their widows/widowers/surviving partners.

The loan can be used to:

  • assist with the cost of enlarging, modifying or repairing a person's home; or
  • assist with the cost of maintenance of a person's home; or
  • assist with the provision of granny flat accommodation on another person's property; (Note: In this situation, they must also apply for a Certificate of Assignment.) or
  • assist with the cost of any other housing related purpose that encourages independent living.

The maximum amount that an applicant can borrow is $10,000.  The amount that the applicant can borrow depends on his/her ability to meet the repayments and any other commitments.  The minimum drawing at any one time is $1,000.  Generally first mortgage security is required (but second mortgage security may be an option in some cases if acceptable to Westpac).

A Home Support Loan is not portable, but if the maximum amount is not borrowed, the remainder (difference between amount/s borrowed and maximum of $10,000) can be borrowed at a later date.

A person already in receipt of a current Defence Service Homes loan (Initial, Further and/or Additional Advance) cannot obtain a Home Support Loan, if the outstanding balance of the existing Defence Service Homes (DSH) loan is more than $10,000.  Also, if a person has an unused DSH loan entitlement, or an entitlement which, together with the balance of any existing DSH loan/s, is greater than $10,000, it is a requirement to use that entitlement instead of a Home Support Loan (but note GO 4.4).  Such persons can then be advised of the amount of assistance available to them.