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3.2 Policy


Last amended: 25 September 2013

As stated previously, for the purposes of a Home Support Loan, an applicant needs to be either an “Eligible person” or an “eligible veteran” to satisfy section 21A(a).

Where the Department has already made a determination of eligibility under the VEA in relation to a person's service, then this can be relied upon to establish eligibility for the Home Support Loan for Australian veterans.  VIEW should be checked to determine if a client is an existing DVA client.

An application from a client on the basis of being an eligible veteran who is not currently in receipt of a pension from DVA should be discussed with the Team Leader.  Alternatively, an email enquiry can be sent to the Liability & Service Eligibility mailbox for advice.

Delegates should note that Commonwealth veterans, allied veterans and allied mariners are found in paragraph (b) of the definition of “veteran”, and are therefore outside the eligibility definitions for the HSL.