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Assets Value of Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Debentures and Securities

Fixed term deposits, bonds, debentures and securities

The following table explains how to assess the value of fixed term deposits, unlisted bonds, debentures and securities. An alternative value is accepted if a person provides supporting information.    

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If the investment...

then the assessable value is the...

can be traded,

market value.

cannot be traded,

amount paid by a person for the investment.

Listed bonds and securities and deferred or reversionary bonds and investments

The assets value is the last sale price quoted in the financial press.

If the sale price is not quoted in the financial press, the assets value is the:

  • total accrued compound interest, plus
  • face value of the bond or investment.     More ?
Example of assets value of a deferred interest bond

A 12% deferred interest bond of $100 has a value of:

  • $112 after 1 year ($100+$12), and
  • $125.44 after 2 years ($112+$13.44).
Commercial bills

The assets value for commercial bills is the:

  • amount paid for the bill, plus
  • interest owing at the end of the fixed term.     More ?
Dingo bonds, digger bonds, and zero coupon bonds

The value of dingo bonds, digger bonds and zero coupon bonds can be obtained from the merchant bank or financial institution that issued them.    

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The market value of an asset is the point at which a willing purchaser and a willing, but not anxious vendor, would reach agreement.

The market value of an asset is only decreased by the value of an encumbrance secured against it. The market value of an asset is not reduced by any costs which may be incurred if the asset was to be sold.