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Determinations of Continuous Full-Time Service

The following is a list of all currently in force instruments deeming certain service by members of the Defence Force to be continuous full-time service under section 5R(1)(b) of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986. This table is a summary only and the information in it should not be used in place of that contained in the actual instruments to which it refers.  The timeframes given span the dates covered by the items in each instrument, but each individual item may specify a different period within that timeframe. 

For privacy reasons, the instruments are not available online.  Copies of all instruments are held by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and can be looked up by staff on request. 

For more information on this kind of service, see continuous full-time service.


Individuals and Units Covered

Start Date

End Date

Date Signed

Malaya & Vietnam 

  • Members of units attached to the

Far East Strategic Reserve

  • Individuals or members of units allotted for

duty in Vietnam (schedule 2, items 4, 8)

02 Jul 1955

31 Jul 1962

27 May 1963

11 Jan 1973

27 Aug 1998


Individuals in RAN Reserve Schedule 2 Item 4

8 Jun 1965

29 Feb 1972

26 Jul 1991


Individuals in RAN Reserve Schedule 2 Items 4, 8

31 Jul 1962

11 Jan 1973

20 Jul 1993


Individuals in RAN Reserve Schedule 2 Items 4, 8

20 Nov 1968

7 Oct 1971

09 Nov 1994


Part-Time and Reserve Forces

03 Sep 1939

02 Sep 1945

18 Dec 1987