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20.1 Overview of the AAT


AAT Appeals are handled only in the National Office of the MRCC in Canberra.

Applications for review of a 'reviewable decision' (that is, a decision resulting from a reconsideration) must be made to the AAT within 60 days of the date on which the reviewable decision is furnished (provided to) the employee, the claimant or the Commonwealth. In practical terms, the 60 day time limit runs from the day on which the reviewable decision is received.

A compensation claimant under the SRC Act (or the Commonwealth) does not have access to the AAT until a reviewable decision (a decision by a RD) is made.

There is provision for the AAT to extend the time in which an application for review can be made. Where a claimant seeks to lodge a late application for review, the MRCC is consulted (in relation to the cases it determines) as to whether they have any objection to late lodgement of an application for review. Whether a late application can be accepted as a valid request for review is ultimately a matter for the AAT to decide.