Warlike Service - War in Iraq

On 19 March 2003, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs for and on behalf of the Minister for Defence, determined that service rendered as a member of the ADF allotted for service on or after 18 March 2003 with OPERATION FALCONER is warlike service for the purposes of subsection 5C(1) of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

Specified area number one is bounded by the following geographic coordinates:

  • 38 00N 68 00E
  • 38 00N 32 00E
  • 10 00N 32 00E
  • 10 00N 68 00E

View copy of instrument in the Service Eligibility Assistant in the Legislation Library here.


Minister for Defence Media Release

Thursday, 20 March 2003


Operation Falconer Conditions of Service

Australian Defence Force personnel joining the coalition to disarm Iraq will receive a comprehensive package of service conditions, including tax-free salary and allowances.

Australia's contribution to the coalition, known as Operation Falconer, will involve about 2000 Australian Defence Force personnel.  These personnel are already deployed in the Middle East.

The Government has decided the nature of service for Operation Falconer is warlike for the purpose of conditions of service entitlements.

All salary and allowances will be tax-free for personnel deployed on the operation.

Those directly involved in combat operations inside Iraq, including Iraqi territorial waters and air space, will receive a tax-free international campaign allowance of $200 a day.

Those deployed elsewhere within the area of operations will receive a tax-free allowance of $125 per day.

Other conditions of service include:

  • comprehensive compensation and rehabilitation coverage under the Veterans' Entitlements Act and the Safety Rehabilitation and  Compensation Act; 
  • enhanced assistance under the Defence HomeOwners Scheme; and
  • additional War Service leave of 1.5 days per completed month of service on deployment;
  • pre-embarkation leave or reunion with a partner, where practicable, before deployment if appropriate. 

This package of allowances and entitlements is designed to be as comprehensive as possible and to provide appropriate support to our Defence Force personnel while they conduct a dangerous mission in Australia's national interest. It is commensurate with the conditions of service for those personnel who have served in the war against terrorism under Operation Slipper.

Similarly, in recognition of their service ADF personnel deployed on Operation Falconer will be awarded the Australian Active Service Medal.

The Government has also put in place support mechanisms to assist families, recognising that our deployed personnel can not function without their support and understanding.

The Defence Community Organisation, the Defence National Welfare Coordination Centre in Sydney and the Department of Veterans' Affairs will continue to provide the highest level of support to the families of those personnel deployed.

As part of the package of service conditions for personnel deployed on Operation Falconer, Defence may in some circumstances assist family members to relocate to be with extended family for support during the deployment.

Official War Artists and Official War Photographers

On 10 April 2003 the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, under paragraph 5R(1) of the VEA determined that a person appointed as an Official War Artist, or an Official War Photographer who provided services as War Artists or Photographers in support of Operation FALCONER on or after 13 April 2003 is deemed while rendering such service to be a member of the Defence Force on continuous full-time service.