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69/2001 Eligibility GOs


Defence Service Homes
National Office Instruction

amending DSH General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 69
Date of Effect: On receipt



The purpose of this Instruction is to introduce the revised and expanded Eligibility GOs.


Following representations from individuals and service representative groups over a considerable period in relation to possible anomalies for people who served in certain operations in South East Asia, an independent review was conducted by Major General R F Moir which resulted in the report Review of Service Entitlement Anomalies in Respect of South-East Asian Service 1955-75. The VEA was extended last year to accommodate certain of the recommendations and others were implemented through Ministerial and Defence Force Determinations. The DSH Act ties certain eligibility to the provisions of s.5B and s.6D of the VEA.

Although many of the Determinations have been re-issued, there is only minor effect on the DSH clientele. Essentially, the differences amount to the addition of radio operators on HMS Terror and HMS Kranji (both are land bases) during a three month period in 1960 and merchant mariners on HMAS Boonaroo and HMAS Jeparit from 1967 to 1972.

Changes were made also to some of the specified areas and dates in Schedule 2 to the VEA. A full explanation of the changes can be found in the Explanatory Memorandum to the Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2000.

In examining the newly issued Ministerial Determinations, it became obvious that there were others which weren't referenced in the GOs. All extant Determinations are now contained in the GOs so that they are a repository of all decision making material which impacts on DSH eligibility.

General Orders

Because of the extent of changes , the entire Eligibility GOs have been reprinted. Please replace the existing Eligibility GOs with the revised version.

Effect on previously issued NOIs

This Instruction has no effect on any previously issued operative NOI.

Branch Head
Housing and Aged Care

28 February 2002