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64/1999 Rates for Assessing Hardship


Defence Service Homes
National Office Instruction

amending DSH General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 64
Date of Effect: 13 September 1999



The purpose of this Instruction is to draw to attention that the scale of Rates for Assessing Hardship in future will be available only on the Intranet.


The Minister's approved guidelines for determining whether a person is suffering financial hardship makes reference, among other things, to Average Weekly Earnings for an adult in full time employment, Maximum rate service pension and Annual amount of DSS pension.

These amounts change regularly and has resulted in regular updates to the General Orders. To streamline operations, it has been decided to discontinue publishing the rates in the General Orders – relying instead on the subsidy data sheet Rates for Assessing Hardship on the Intranet.

General Orders

Attached are amended pages for the Entitlement General Orders reflecting these changes. Please replace the existing pages 55 & 56 with the amended version. This Instruction supersedes NOI 63 which should be removed from your binder.

Acting Branch Head
Housing & Aged Care

10 September 1999