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56/1997 Government Charges


National Office Instruction

amending General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 56
Date of Effect: 1 July 1997



The purpose of this Instruction is to advise a change of fees charged by the ACT government.


State governments charge FID and BAD tax on a range of financial transactions. Until now the ACT government did not charge BAD tax but had a higher rate of FID. To bring the ACT more into line with the States, the ACT government has, from 1 July 1997, introduced BAD tax at the same rates as the majority of States and, at the same time, reduced FID from 10 cents per $100 to 6 cents per $100.

General Orders

Attached are amended pages for the Verification General Orders reflecting these changes. Please replace the existing pages 57 & 58 with the amended version. This Instruction has no effect on any operative NOI.

Branch Head
Housing & Community Support

23 July 1997