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36/1994 1994 Release of New GOs - Subsidy Verification Issues


Central Office Instruction

amending General Orders (1993 edition)

Instruction No. 36

Date of Effect: 1 November 1994




The purpose of this instruction is to formally issue a further part of the new General Orders. The part is for inclusion in the Practice and Procedural Volume and covers the subject of: PART 5 SUBSIDY VERIFICATION ISSUES


When the decision was taken to write and issue a completely new set of General Orders following the bedding down of the Subsidy Scheme, it was agreed that the new document would contain two volumes. The first volume would cover 'Legislation Interpretation & Policy' and the second volume 'Practice & Procedural Matters'.

Four parts of the first volume were issued in October 1993 and the two parts of the second volume were issued in March 1994.

The Subsidy Verification and Payment General Orders describe DSH's procedures for verification of subsidy payable and some other aspects relating to the Commonwealth's Agreement with Westpac.

General Orders

Copies of Part 5 of the 'Practice & Procedural Matters' volume of the General Orders, covering 'Subsidy Verification Issues' are enclosed. They are to be added to the GO folders provided in October 1993.

In addition, sufficient copies of 'Subsidy Verification Issues' have been provided so that all staff in the Subsidy Verification area have their own copy. It is essential that all staff involved in subsidy verification tasks adhere to the protocols.

Amended GO Index

This opportunity is also taken to issue an amended operative COI index


General Manager

31 October 1994