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11.4 Widows with own service in World War II


It is important to note the special provisions in subsection 4(2AB) in relation to members of the World War II Women's Services listed in subsection 4(2AA).  These provisions ensure that any entitlement gained under subsection 4(2AA) will not be affected by, nor will affect, any entitlement under the Defence Service Homes Scheme gained as a spouse or de facto partner, widow or dependant parent of an eligible person.  This means that the WWII women listed in subsection 4(2AA) who have received benefits directly or indirectly as spouses of eligible persons will retain their entitlements to separate loan benefits as WWII ex-servicewomen quite independently of any other assistance.  In these circumstances the references to once only opportunities in 11.1 and 11.2 of the widows' table do not apply to those persons.