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1 Introduction


The legislation provides for a subsidised advance to be made available to eligible persons, (please see Part 1 Eligibility General Orders), if they meet the entitlement conditions, as outlined in this section.

Once an eligible person's entitlement to assistance is established, a delegate may issue a certificate of entitlement.

A certificate of entitlement is the only document recognised by Westpac as authority for a subsidised advance to be considered.

The issue of a certificate does not necessarily guarantee  that a subsidised advance will be made available. The applicant also has to meet the lending criteria in

Schedule "C" to the Agreement.

A certificate of entitlement is valid until used.

If a certificate cannot be issued, due to the applicant not meeting certain entitlement conditions, a conditional approval letter should be sent to the applicant advising that:

  • he or she is an eligible person;  and
  • there are conditions which must be met before a certificate can be issued.

A decision refusing to issue a certificate of entitlement or a certificate of assignment is a reviewable decision as defined in Section 4 of the Act.  Please refer to Chapters 8 and 9 of Part 3, Administrative Framework and Decision Making General Orders, for more details.