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12.1 Overview of the VVRS

The Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) is a free and voluntary rehabilitation program that assists eligible veterans to find or retain employment. The assistance provided includes vocational support such as vocational assessments and interview skills training. The Scheme also offers medical management and psychosocial services to address barriers in other parts of a veteran’s life preventing his or her retention of, or return to, employment.

12.5.3 VVRS assistance with aids, appliances and workplace modifications

This topic relates to section 4.3 of the VVRS Instrument.

The Rehabilitation Service Provider will be expected to explore opportunities within the workplace for the employer to provide aids, appliances and workplace modifications before making a recommendation for these to be provided under the VVRS. This could involve a cost sharing arrangement with an employer.

The provision of the grant must adhere to the cost effectiveness for the VVRS.

12.2.2 Vocational rehabilitation program

This topic relates to section 2.2 of the VVRS Instrument.

Approval of a vocational rehabilitation program

Section 2.2.2 in the VVRS Instrument should be considered in its entirety before final approval is given. Approval should be based on responses to each of the items listed under section 2.2.2 and a final decision made on the total responses provided, not on isolated items from the list.