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vocational rehabilitation

9.12.1 Job placement preparation

An important part of the rehabilitation process is to prepare the client for the job search process.  This reflects the need to ensure all efforts are taken to address any barriers that a client may experience in securing meaningful and sustainable employment (see also 9.4 Managing vocational rehabilitation plans).  An assessment of a client's individual circumstances should inform any initial and further job-seeking activities to be undertaken over the cours

9.11.2 Self Employment and Small Business Advice

Small Business Advisory Centres

Each State and Territory has Small Business Advisory Centres.  These centres provide 'Starting Your Own Business' workshops for a small fee.  The workshops are generally of 3 hours duration and provide the necessary introductory information to enable the client to decide whether they wish to proceed with their small business proposal.

Contact details for these services either through Commonwealth or State Government resourced agencies are available in the Government listings in the White Pages.

9.6.1 Tools used to conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations

Much of the following information has been provided by Dr Ev Innes, an occupational therapist. The intention is to provide some basic information for Rehabilitation Delegates about the types of FCEs, to help inform decisions about when conducting an FCE may be appropriate. It should be noted that most assessors within rehabilitation service provider organisations will only have access to a single tool.