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ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP)

4.1 Overview of the ADF rehabilitation program


1.2 What are the aims of rehabilitation?


3.2 Pre-liability rehabilitation assessments

3.5 Rehabilitation assessments

Case conferencing

3.10 Case Conferencing

Case management pathway

3.1 The DVA Rehabilitation Case Management Pathway

Coordinator's role

1.5 The role of the rehabilitation coordinator


1.1 What is rehabilitation?

Delegations of rehabilitation powers

2.9 Delegations - non-financial & financial

Departmental file and case records

3.9 The DVA rehabilitation reporting documents

3.9.4 Progress reports

Differences between VVRS, SRCA & MRCA rehabilitation

2.5 What are some of the key differences between rehabilitation under VVRS, SRCA & MRCA?


1.3 The DVA Rehabilitation Framework

Legislative provisions for rehabilitation assistance

2.1 Legislative provisions

Medical management rehabilitation

5.1 What is medical management rehabilitation?


3.9.2 The rehabilitation plan

3.9.3 The rehabilitation plan amendment

3.11 The plan closure process

Pre-liability assessments

3.2 Pre-liability rehabilitation assessments

Principles & Protocols

1.4.1 Principles guiding rehabilitation under the MRCA

1.4.2 Protocols of rehabilitation under the MRCA

Psychosocial rehabilitation

6.1 What is psychosocial rehabilitation?

Referral to a rehabilitation service provider

3.8 How to make the referral

3.4 The rehabilitation referral process

Rights and obligations

13.1 What are a person's rights and obligations when undertaking rehabilitation?

Service providers

11 Rehabilitation Service Providers

11.6 Evaluating and managing rehabilitation service providers

Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS)

12.1 Overview of the VVRS

Vocational rehabilitation

9.1 What is vocational rehabilitation?

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