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Non-compliance in the Rehabilitation Process

Claimant and Delegate responsibilities

13.2 Claimant and Delegate responsibilities and conflict of interest

Client's rights and obligations

13.1 What are a person's rights and obligations when undertaking rehabilitation?

Delegation powers to suspend benefits - SRCA / MRCA

2.9.1 Delegations of rehabilitation powers under SRCA

2.9.2 Delegations of rehabilitation powers under MRCA

Rehabilitation process - non-compliance

13.3 What is non-compliance in the rehabilitation process?

13.3.1 SRCA and MRCA

Rehabilitation process - reconsideration and review mechanisms

13.4 Reconsideration and review mechanisms for rehabilitation

Rehabilitation process - suspension of entitlements for non-compliance

13.3.2 Making a decision to suspend benefits

VVRS - non-compliance and review mechanisms

13.5 Non-compliance and review mechanisms for VVRS


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