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3.6.7 Exclusions relating to travel

Under the VEA the exclusions relating to travel apply only for the purpose of specific journey provisions referred to in paragraphs 8(1)(c), 9(1)(c), 70(5)(b) and 70(5A)(b) – that is, travelling to or from duty.  These exclusions do not apply any other journeys that might be service related.  Under the MRCA, however, the exclusions relating to travel apply not only to the specific journey provisions in paragraphs 27(e) and 28(1)(f), but also to any other provision in sections 27, 28 and 30.

These exclusions apply only to peacetime service.  Neither the journey provisions nor the specific journey-related exclusions apply to warlike or non-warlike service under the MRCA. Furthermore, the exclusions relating to travel do not apply to a cadet, who, at the time of the injury, disease, death, aggravation or material contribution was under 18 years or age and under the supervision of a parent of the cadet, or a responsible adult.