The following table contains the declared member determinations that have been made under section 8 of the MRCA as of December 2015:





Date of coverage

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Members) Determination 2004 (No.1)

1.   Persons who hold an honorary rank or appointment in the ADF

Acts performed by the person in assisting the ADF

1 July 2004 - 30 June 2013 #


2.   Persons who are on Career Transition Assistance under an arrangement approved by the ADF

Acts performed in connection with the arrangement




3.   Members of approved philanthropic organisations serving the Defence Force

Acts performed:

     i.   As an accredited representative of the philanthropic organisation; and

     ii.  While providing services in support of the ADF as authorised by the sponsoring ADF unit


Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Members) Determination 2006

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Acts performed, as war photographer at the request or direction of the Defence Force

1 February 2006 –

30 April 2006

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Members) Determination 2006 (No. 2)

Persons contracted by the Department of Defence to provide or support the provision of:

     a.   musical performances and entertainment; or

     b.   management and technical support for performers referred to in a) above

at the request of the Defence Force


Acts performed in the provision or support of musical performances and entertainment under the auspices of the Forces Advisory Committee on Entertainment.

1 July 2004


16 December 2015*

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Members) Determination 2007

Persons commissioned by the AWM to provide original works in a range of media, including still photography, cinematography, paintings, drawings, and written work concerning the operations of the ADF

Acts performed in a Defence Force area of operations for the purpose of providing works as commissioned by the AWM

1 February 2007


16 December 2015*

# In 2013, as a result of the MRCA review, a new section (7A) was inserted into the MRCA to define holders of honorary rank, members on career transition arrangements and members of philanthropic organisations supporting the ADF as 'members' under the Act.

* In December 2015, the Minister for Employment issued the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Definition of Employee - War artists and Entertainers) Notice 2015 with effect from 17 December 2015. From this date, war artists and entertainers who support the ADF on operations, and who are not already covered by another compensation scheme, are covered under the SRCA. See the SRCA Liability Handbook Chapter 8.1.4.