Section 405 details the Commission's power to obtain information from a claimant when a “specified event or change of circumstance” occurs or is likely to occur that might affect a claim for compensation under section 319 of the MRCA (ie, a claim for compensation or acceptance of liability for a service injury, disease, or death, or for the loss of or damage to a medical aid.)

Generally, a claimant is made aware of their obligations in correspondence from DVA via such statements as:

  • "Please tell us if you change your address, or if there are any changes in your circumstances that may affect your compensation claim";  and
  • “During any period that you are receiving payments of compensation from this office you must tell us immediately if there are any changes in your circumstances, including:
  • if you start work or recommence work;
  • if you start any form of profession, trade, business or self employment;
  • if there is a change to your rate of pay (if you are regularly employed);
  • if you change address;
  • if you receive any payments or a change in the rate of payment from any other source;
  • if you intend travelling overseas for an extended period; or
  • if you commence tertiary studies (either part-time or full-time).”

Where the Commission requests details of a specific event or change of circumstance the request must specify:

  • the event in question;
  • the appropriate period of compliance to the request; and
  • the mode of compliance.