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1.7.4 Client Creation Procedure (cleanskin only)

The following table provides the steps taken to register a person in CRS using the SM series war code:




Open VIEW.


Click on the registration shortcut button (second from left) or click on the action button and follow the drop down command to registration. Select the record you wish to create.


The registration screen will appear.  Select the type of client that is being created.


Having selected the client create option, complete the data entry form.  All mandatory fields are indicated with a   symbol.  The format for the name fields will automatically default to a preset format.  Complete all non-mandatory fields for which you hold data on the application.


Select next button and enter address and contact details and click on the next button again.


Check the displayed result.


Select the changes verified tick box if okay and then select the save icon.


Enter your LAN password to approve the transaction.


Select OK. The record has now been created.

Once you have followed these steps, you have created a client in CRS.  The information you have registered and the resultant UIN will be transferred to TRIM via the overnight batch process.  You should either keep a note of the UIN that has been allocated to the client, or you may look it up in TRIM on the next available business day, so it can be related to the Z file.