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S 3 Operation Bolton

Operation Bolton – Non-Warlike Service

Service rendered as a member of the ADF serving with the UK element of the coalition force operation to patrol the Iraq No-Fly-Zones on OPERATION BOLTON, is both warlike service (WS) and non-warlike service (NWS) for the purposes of subsection 5C(1) of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.  The area of operations for WS comprises Iraq during the period 31 August 1992 to 12 January 2003. The area of operations for NWS comprises Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Incirlik airbase in Turkey during the period 13 May 1999 to 12 January 2003.

This determination was made by the Minister for Veterans' Affairs on 15 October 2007, and revoked the earlier determination for Operation Bolton dated 27 May 2003.  The change from the earlier determination, was the addition of the Incirlik airbase in Turkey for NWS and the reclassification of service in Iraq as warlike for the Operation.

View copies of these instruments in the Service Eligibility Assistant in the Legislation Library as below:

15 October 2007

27 May 2003