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S 2 Operational Area

Last amended: 1 June 2012

Item 1, Schedule 2 of the Act defines the operational area for the Korean Conflict as the area of Korea itself and the waters contiguous to the coast of Korea for a distance of 185 kilometres seaward from the coast.

Japan is not in the Korean War operational area although Australian units based in Japan during the Korean War were allotted for duty in Korea. Veterans who served as members of units based in Japan that were allotted for duty in Korea and who entered Korea or Korean waters have qualifying service. These veterans will also have operational service for their period in Korea or Korean waters and from port to port.

Service in Japan prior to 1 July 1951 as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force or service in Japan from 28 April 1952 to 19 April 1956 is operational service only.

The classification of service during the period 21 February 1946 - 30 June 1947 as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force was most recently considered by the Government as part of its reconsideration of recommendations of the 2003 Clark Review of Veterans' Entitlements not implemented by the Howard Government. An independant investigation by Mr Peter Sutherland concluded that BCOF service alone did not give rise to qualifying service, consistent with the positions of both the Departments of Defence and Veterans' Affairs. This position was accepted by the Minister for Veterans' Affairs who made his decision (that BCOF service should not be reclassified) public in May 2012.