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household services

7.2.5 Any other relevant matter

Any other matters that are relevant to considering a claim for household services will be entirely dependent on the circumstances of a particular case.  The most obvious example of any other relevant matter is a report obtained from an Occupational Therapist in relation to what household services are reasonably required. However, other issues such as the impact of a deterioration in a client's accepted condition(s) may also be considered.

Household services and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

7.4 Approving and Reviewing Household Services decisions

Determinations for household services

For MRCA clients, a determination to pay compensation for household services is made under section 214 of MRCA using the criteria specified in section 215. Consistent with the consideration and determination process specified under section 333 of MRCA, the determination must be made in writing, after all matters relevant to the claim have been considered.