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Seniors supplement

Seniors supplement was paid to Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) and eligible Gold Card holders until it ceased on 26 June 2015. It was paid quarterly and commenced on 20 September 2009, replacing the seniors concession allowance and telephone allowance.



The CSHC is intended to assist those retirees and other eligible veterans, war widow(er)s and their partners of pension age who fail to qualify for an income support pension from DVA or a pension or benefit from Centrelink. The card entitles the holder to pharmaceuticals listed on the PBS at a concessional rate and seniors supplement.



The Repatriation Health Card - For All Conditions is gold in colour and frequently referred to simply as the “Gold Card”.  The card entitles its holder to obtain health care and related services for all the person's identified health care needs, whether they are war-caused or not.

Seniors Concession Allowance ceased on 20 September 2009. It was combined with telephone allowance and both were replaced by the seniors supplement.



Telephone Allowance was rolled into other payments and ceased to be paid on 20 September 2009.  For income support recipients, TA was rolled into the pension supplement. For CSHC and gold card holders (not receiving income support).TA was rolled into the Seniors supplement. Disability pensioners (not receiving income support) receive a veterans supplement instead of TA.



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