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Prescribed Status

The following persons are considered to have a prescribed status for the purpose of receiving a special purpose visa:

  • members of the Royal Family and Royal Party;
  • guests of the government;
  • SOFA forces members and SOFA forces civilian component members;
  • Asia-Pacific forces members;
  • Commonwealth forces members;
  • foreign armed forces dependants;
  • foreign naval forces members;
  • members and family of the crew of non-military ships (other than ships being imported into Australia);
  • members of the crew of ships being imported into Australia;
  • airline crew members and airline positioning crew members;
  • persons visiting or in transit to or from Macquarie Island
  • children born in Australia:
  • of a mother who at the time of the birth holds a special purpose visa, if only the mother is in Australia at that time; or

  • to parents both of whom, at the time of birth, hold special purpose visas, if at that time both parents are in Australia;

  • Indonesian citizens, or persons having a right to return to Indonesia, visiting the casino on Christmas Island;
  • Singaporean citizens visiting the casino on Christmas Island.

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