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Orphan's pension

A form of pension that is paid to a child of a veteran where the veteran has died as a result of war service or defence service.  The child may be the natural or adopted child of the veteran or any other child who was wholly or substantially dependent on the veteran.



Warlike service is defined in Subsection 5C(1) VEA to mean:

  • service in the Defence Force of a kind determined in writing by the Minister for Defence to be warlike service.

See also definition of war like operations.

A member of the Defence Force who has served for a continuous period of effective full-time service of not less than three years between the period 6 December 1972 and 7 April 1994 has rendered defence service.  Refer to section 68 of the VEA for the full definition.



According to subsection 10(3) of the VEA, where a veteran is liable to maintain a child under a law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory, the child shall be deemed to be wholly or substantially dependant on that veteran.



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