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Non-Government Subsidised Care

Non-Government Subsidised care applies to the following groups:

  • pensioners residing in nursing homes or hostels that are not approved facility;
  • pensioners who are residing in a nursing home or hostel but who are not approved care recipients. For instance, a person may be residing in a nursing home or hostel to be near to their partner who is receiving care (known as co-habitees) or a person may be in a multi purpose service (MPS) unit; and
  • pensioners residing in an approved facility but who receive accommodation only, require no care and therefore are not receiving Commonwealth Government subsidised care.

No Commonwealth Government subsidy, including pensioner supplement, is payable to the facility in respect of their places.



An approved facility under the Aged Care Act 1997 is one that has been assessed to meet certain standards of care and accommodation.

Note: Nursing homes and nursing home beds that are fully funded by a State Government do not come under the Aged Care Act 1997.

Government Subsidised Care is care provided to persons in approved facilities.

The government subsidy (also known as “pensioner supplement”), is paid directly to the facility by DH&FS on the behalf of pensioners receiving this care.

Where a care resident pays an accommodation bond more than ten times the annual rate of social security age pension, the pensioner supplement paid by DH&FS to the aged care facility to replace rent assistance is no longer paid.



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