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Non-accruing period

A non-accruing period is the period during which a person is a non-accruing member and not able to add to the accrual of existing bonus periods. When their non-accruing period ends, they will become an accruing member again if they continue with the pension bonus scheme and are not a post 70/75 member of the scheme. Non-accruing members can claim a pension bonus in this period.



Non-accruing membership status is given for a specified time when a person:

  • triggers a disposal preclusion period,
  • triggers a carer preclusion period by receiving either carer payment from Centrelink or ISS as a carer,
  • is on extended, continuous sick leave for at least 4 weeks and not more than 26 weeks,
  • is a non-working person registered for the scheme, who is waiting for their working partner to register, where the non-accruing status lasts until the partner registers,
  • is a participant in the community Development Employment Program, or
  • is in gaol.

Commission may, by Gazettal notice, declare that other kinds of members are non-accruing members.



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