In general terms, this is where someone is suffering from serious money difficulties, such as insufficient income to manage their basic living expenses. More detailed descriptions of various financial hardship situations are covered under the following topics:

  • financial hardship provisions under section 52Y of the VEA, for the purpose of the calculating a rate of [glossary:service pension:245] or [glossary:income support supplement:118],
  • financial hardship for the purpose of [glossary:crisis payment:522],
  • [glossary:hardship amount:619] for [glossary:income stream:406] purposes,
  • hardship assessment of lump sum advance repayments under section 79O of the VEA,
  • financial hardship for special deeming exemptions of 'saved' personal loans and 'frozen' unlisted property trusts,
  • early release of [glossary:superannuation benefit:455] due to severe financial hardship, and
  • proof of identity at time of pension claims in emergency or hardship situations.