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DRS worklist

The departmental review system (DRS) worklist is the main case management tool for compliance review and specific review. All reviews pending and outstanding are displayed on a work-list in DRS. The default work-list for any review officer displays reviews assigned to them that are due for action. Individual review officers are able to view the state work-list and move cases from another officer or state work-list to themselves. Only managers and team leaders are able to transfer cases on the DRS work-list of one review officer to another. Further information about the DRS worklist can be found in the DRS User Guide.



The Departmental Review System (DRS) has been developed to semi-automate department-initiated processes for compliance review exercises and individual examiner-initiated specific review, and to promote a consistent approach to review processing. Some of the main features of the system are:

  • streamlined processes for selecting high risk assessments for review and initiating compliance review exercises
  • form and letter generation appropriate to the review reason and review stage
  • scanning of barcodes on the return of the form to the office, to automatically advance the CMS case stage
  • online presentation of compliance exercise details and outcomes
  • online historical record of reviews undertaken for each pension assessment and their outcomes
  • detailed and high-level reporting on the outcomes of reviews
  • improved monitoring and reporting for review processing

Further information about DRS is available on the following intranet page:

DRS User Guide


A compliance review is a risk-based, department-initiated review based on risk profiling. Risk profiling identifies assessments containing high-risk characteristics such as volatile income and asset items.  Examples of risk groups are pensioners who have not had their income and assets reviewed for a number of years or assessments with high-risk property that has not been revalued for many years.

A specific review is an event-based, department-initiated review, based on anticipated or known changes to a pensioner's personal or financial circumstances, likely to impact on the rate of pension.

Examples include:

  • earnings review
  • review of circumstances following notification of a changed address
  • post-bereavement review

A member of income support processing staff actioning reviews through the departmental review system.



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