All reviews will be registered in the [glossary:departmental review system:669] (DRS) with a DRS reference number. This number uniquely identifies a review within DRS and is made up of:

  • a prefix to identify whether the review is a specific or [glossary:compliance review:98], eg the prefix S indicates a [glossary:specific review:305] in the number S-482035-018-01; a C would indicate a compliance review
  • the UIN for the primary client, eg S-482035-018-01
  • a three-digit number indicating the number of specific and compliance reviews undertaken for that client, eg S-482035-018-01
  • a two-digit number indicating whether this is a primary review (01) or a [glossary:linked review:352] or appeal (02, 03 etc), eg S-482035-018-01.