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Direct Deduction System/DDS

The Direct Deduction System (DDS) is a sub-system of the VIEW system. It enables the following actions to be performed:

  • create a new payment destination for direct credit, group and cheque payments,
  • change the payment destination,
  • set up a deduction to the ATO,
  • add an instruction to direct a nominated amount to a second destination,
  • change destinations from default to non-default and vice versa.

DDS will allow for the integration of the State Housing Authority deductions when they become available in the future.

Further information about DDS is available at

DDS Online Help


A person's payment destination is where their DVA payment will be sent. This most commonly is by direct credit to an account with a financial institution. However, the pensioner may apply for exemption from direct credit and subject to approval, the payment destination may be an individual cheque payment. A pensioner may nominate a payment destination of a group payment, such as an aged care facility, which must also be appointed as an agent.



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