The Departmental Review System (DRS) has been developed to semi-automate department-initiated processes for [glossary:compliance review:98] exercises and individual examiner-initiated [glossary:specific review:305], and to promote a consistent approach to review processing. Some of the main features of the system are:

  • streamlined processes for selecting high risk assessments for review and initiating compliance review exercises
  • form and letter generation appropriate to the review reason and review stage
  • scanning of barcodes on the return of the form to the office, to automatically advance the [glossary:CMS:112] case stage
  • online presentation of compliance exercise details and outcomes
  • online historical record of reviews undertaken for each pension assessment and their outcomes
  • detailed and high-level reporting on the outcomes of reviews
  • improved monitoring and reporting for review processing

Further information about DRS is available on the following intranet page:

DRS User Guide