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Debt Management and Recovery System/DMRS

The Debt Management and Recovery System (DMRS) is accessed through VIEW. DMRS has the capacity for automatic debt creation from PIPS transactions and automatic creation of recovery plans. The system can be used to manually add, amend and finalise debts owed to DVA.

Further information about DMRS is available at:

DMRS Online Help


The Veterans' Information Enquiry Window (VIEW) is an enquiry facility that presents information held on DVA clients. It also has an update functionality that allows changes to client details to be processed on-line. CLIK assumes that the user has not enabled the Navigator and therefore refers to information in VIEW being located in tabs and sub-folders.

Further information about VIEW is available from the intranet at:

Income Support Training - VIEW:


Income Support Training: Tabs and Folders:




System Guides - VIEW Online Help:




Pensions Information Processing System

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