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Crisis payment

A crisis payment is a one-off non-taxable payment to extend immediate financial assistance to people in severe financial hardship who:

  • are forced to leave their home due to extreme circumstances, such as domestic or family violence or a house fire, or
  • have been subjected to domestic or family violence by a family member and choose to remain in the family home after the perpetrator has left or been removed from the home, or
  • released prisoners released from either goal or psychiatric institutions.



Domestic or family violence is described by a variety of terms, including but not restricted to:

  • assault, sexual assault,
  • child, wife/partner, elder abuse,
  • domestic violence,
  • economic, social, verbal, emotional, psychological abuse,
  • exploitation,
  • financial coercion,
  • maltreatment, or
  • neglect.

According to section 5L of the VEA a family member, in relation to a person, means:

  • the partner, father or mother of the person, or
  • a sister, brother or child of the person, or
  • another person who, in the Commission's opinion, should be treated as one of these relations for the purposes of this definition.

Please note, the definition of a parent is further defined in section 10A of the VEA.  

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