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Approved personal care support schemes

The following personal care support schemes are approved under the Social Security Act 1991:

  • 'ACT Lifetime Care and Support Scheme' operated by the Lifetime Care and Support Commissioner of the Australian Capital Territory
  • 'Attendant Care Scheme' operated by the Multiple Sclerosis Society,
  • 'Attendant Care Service, and Post Acute Service' Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • 'Scheme for Payment of Medical and Like Benefits to Persons Injured as a result of a Transport Accident and Scheme for Individualised Funding' Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Australian Capital Territory Government Disability ACT self-directed funding pilot "My Choice"
  • Australian Capital Territory Government Enhanced Service Offer
  • 'Austrian Long-term Care Allowance (Pflegegeld)' Austrian Government
  • 'Cash Allowance Attendant Scheme' operated by the Spastic Society of Victoria,
  • 'Direct Payment Pilot Project' NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care's Attendant Care Program
  • 'Direct Payments Project' operated by the Victorian Department of Human Services Personal Care Support Program,
  • 'Disability Services Queensland personal care support' Qld Government Disability Services Qld
  • 'Family Options Program' operated by the Victorian Government,
  • 'Future Care Payments' Tasmanian Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB)
  • 'Indennita di Accompagnamento' (Italian Carers Payment) operated by the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • 'Individual, Family and Carer Support Grants Scheme' operated by the Western Australia Disabilities Services Commission,
  • 'Interchange Program' operated by Loddon-Mallee Region Incorporated,
  • "Individualised Funding" Scheme administered by the South Australian Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
  • 'Local Area Coordination Scheme' NT Government
  • 'NSW Attendant Care Program Direct Funding Model' administered by the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care
  • 'NSW Government's Individual Budgets: Direct Payments Scheme'
  • 'NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme - Self-purchasing of treatment, rehabilitation and care services'
  • 'Phase One: Self-managed Funding Initiative' administered by the SA Department of Families and Communities
  • 'Queensland Your Life Your Choice Self-Directed Support: Host Providers and Direct Payment', administered by the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.
  • 'National injury Insurance Scheme Queensland'
  • 'Self-Directed Funding Tasmania Program' administered by the Tasmanian Government Department of Health and Community Services.
  • Tasmanian Self Directed Funding Pilot Scheme
  • 'United Kingdom (UK) Attendance Allowance' operated by the UK Government,
  • 'United Kingdom Disability Living Allowance' operated by UK Government, and
  • United Kingdom Government's 'Personal Independence Payment Scheme'.
  • 'Victorian Direct Payments Project' administered by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

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