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Adjusted income

Adjusted income defined in section 5H VEA, for the purposes of income support supplement, is the sum of the person's:

  • ordinary income
  • disability pensions paid by other governments
  • war widow's/widower's pension (VEA) or equivalent wholly dependent partner payments (MRCA)
  • a foreign pension, similar in character to a war widow's/widower's pension.



A form of pension that is paid to the partner of a veteran where the veteran has died as a result of war service or eligible Defence ServiceWar widow's/widower's pension is also paid to the partner of a veteran whose death was not war caused if the veteran was a ex-prisoner of war or if the veteran was receiving Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA) Rate, Special Rate (T&PI) or a rate increased in respect of certain war-caused injury or disease.


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