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Above General Rate/AGR

Above general rate disability compensation payments (formerly known as disability pensions), which include T&PI, TTI, Intermediate Rate or EDA .



see special rate



Temporarily totally incapacitated rate of disability compensation payment (formerly known as disability pension) under section 25 of the VEATTI is the colloquial name for temporary payment at the special rate of the disability compensation payment.



Intermediate Rate Disability Compensation Payment (formerly known as Intermediate Rate of disability pension) is paid to compensate a veteran who, because of incapacity resulting from eligible service, is unable to resume or continue paid work for:

  • 50 per cent or more of normal time, or
  • 20 hours or more per week.

The intermediate rate provides a rate of pension to bridge the gap between the General Rate and the Special Rate (colloquially known as TPI) for ex-servicemen capable of part-time or intermittent work only.



The Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA) is the equivalent of 150% of the General Rate. It is payable to very severely incapacitated veterans of 65 years & over who do not qualify for the Special or Intermediate Rates.



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